How To Recreate Nelly’s Smokey Eye Look



Step 1

Apply eye primer all over the mobile lid and above the crease but not all the way to the eyebrow.

Step 2

Apply a natural mat eyeshadow all over the primer, that will help creating a good base.

Step 3

Using a large flat brush, apply a strong colour (chose a dark blue here) all over the mobile lid

Step 4

I cover the blue with a dark shimmery grey eyeshadow.

Step 5

I then use a dark greeny/golden eyeshadow all over the lid again in a order to get that gorgeous unusual colour that will also last as I have layered my products really well.

Step 6

Finally I soften and blend all the edges with a mat light brown colour and a soft blending brush.

Step 7

Add some black pencil liner The top lid is now finished.

Step 8

I now recreate the same layering of colours under the eyes using a small angle brush. I then apply lots of volumising mascara.

Step 9

I clean the under eye area using an eye make-up remover wipe.

Step 10

I use some soft creamy hydrating concealer.

Step 11

The skin, after hydrating the skin, I use a primer, then a light coverage foundation with a fluide illuminator on the cheekbones to give it that luminous finishing touch.

Step 12

I use a lip primer that I apply with my fingers.

Step 13

I use a natural light brown lip liner.

Step 14

Finally I apply a very light beige lipstick.


Nelly’s look after smokey eye