How to keep makeup long lasting?

Layering and blending is the secret as well as using good quality products.


. First thing first

Always work on a clean and moisturised skin

  1. Use a face primer compatible with your skin type, hydrating for a dehydrated/ dry skin, mattifying for an oily skin, some primer will add extra luminosity, they can be for any skin type just chose the relevant one to your skin type/concern and look chosen.
  2. Foundation: like your moisturizer and primer, choose the relevant foundation to your skin type and desired coverage. You can find very light coverage such as BB cream and tinted moisturizer, light coverage, medium coverage and full coverage.
  3. Eye makeup: always start with an eyeshadow primer, this is the secret to your eye makeup lasting all day with no crease. Then if you only use one colour eyeshadow make sure to layer 3 coats and blend it well with an extra blending brush. If you use 2 plus colours make sure to blend well.
  4. Blusher: you can use powder or cream blusher, cream is great for a fresh finish, perfect for young and mature skin. If you use powder blush, be light handed, the powder will last a bit longer than the cream.
  5. Highlighter: You can use extra cream highlighter on the cheek bone before applying the blush, you can also add some powder highlighter high on the check bone on top of the blush it reflects the light and looks particularly great at night time or on pictures for luminous glow effect.
  6. Lips: Use a lip liner for a better and longer lasting finish, in general it is best to choose the same colour as the lipstick or as near as possible. If you don’t have one you can always use a neutral tone lip liner to draw the lips and apply the chosen colour lipstick on top.

You can choose between moisturising/ shiny/ mat/ long lasting lipsticks or lip glosses.