“I’m a 56 year old woman. For years and years I’d been sticking to the same makeup routine and using the same products. I’d always wanted to know more so I tried watching a few You Tube tutorials but I wanted something taylor made just for me.  I then discovered Myriam !

Myriam is amazing. I shall begin by saying this.

I booked a one to one makeup lesson with her and spent several hours (I wasn’t rushed in my learning process) looking at the makeup I had and how to use it; we then used some of Myriam’s products and I learnt so much more.

I now feel so much more confident and I cannot wait to do a ‘smokey eye’ when I go out in the evening!

Myriam’s knowledge is vast. She is so warm and welcoming and so friendly. I felt so comfortable and left on cloud 9 floating with happiness. It was the best gift to myself.

Whatever your age, if you want to update your look or just feel more confident ‘putting on your face’ I cannot recommend Myriam enough.

She also hold group tutorials which sound like great fun so I think I shall get a group of friends together and book again.

Every woman deserved to feel pampered and to be able to look their best. Myriam is the lady to help achieved this so if I were you, I would book a lesson and make yourself feel a million dollars !  It’s worth every penny.

If you want to look your best; see the best … Myriam fits this role perfectly. “