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Highly recommended by Brides and Tatler magazine

Myriam is a trusted bridal makeup artist London wide and the owner of Mimi D Makeup. Featured in and highly recommended by Brides and Tatler magazines, she makes sure the bride will look her best on her special day.

She was the National Trainer for the Luxury French Brand Guerlain, covered many important events, and worked with many celebrities and VIP clients, making her the perfect makeup artist to achieve her clients’ dream bridal makeup. During the trial consultation, she will listen to clients’ requests and recommend makeup looks that respect their personality and style. Her luxurious make up products and impeccable application ensure long-lasting makeup on the wedding day. She also offers makeup lessons, kids’ party makeup, and more.

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“Having worked in the beauty industry for over ten years, I am very privileged to know many of the world’s top make-up artists, but when it came to the important issue of my own wedding make-up & there was no question & it was Myriam who was my first port of call. Not only is she supremely talented with a great eye, matching colours perfectly to suit your natural skin tone and really listening to what you want, she is a great friend and instantly calmed my nerves. I would highly recommend her to any bride-to-be or for any occasion that requires a head-turning make-up look.”


Health and Beauty Director - Tatler Magazine

“The overriding remark from my wedding was not where I got my dress, or who did my hair, but what face cream I had been using for the last few months…. I had not used anything different, but I had found Myriam, and I am still getting comments on my ‘wedding glow’ eight months after the event. I will never get anyone else to do my make- up, ever! Myriam is the best beauty secret any woman can hope to find.”


Editor Director "Boat Magazine"

Myriam is a true talent! She is so confident in knowing what will suit you and if you put your trust in her the result will be outstanding. I wasn’t sure initially of the make up look I wanted to have on my wedding day but at our trial she made suggestions I loved, then just went for it, it was a total success she superseded all my expectations. On the day she put me completely at ease, she is just the warmest person and has a truly lovely nature – exactly what all brides need the morning of their most special day! Having done my make up to perfection she proceeded to ensure my Mum, sister and maid of honour looked utterly stunning too – under time pressure as well. There was no uniformity, everyone so individual yet clearly done by her expert hand!

So pleased I get to look back at my photos and feel so thrilled about my wedding look thanks to Myriam. Now I am trying to think of any excuse to have my make up done again… and again by her.”


London Christmas 2020

“As you know I work in television there are many occasions when I am filming ‘on location’ rather than in a ‘studio’ and have to do my own make up and therefore it has to be to a very high standard. The techniques you have taught me were not only fun and exciting but completely invaluable to me.

You have given me so many new looks, advice on products to buy and which brushes I should be using, that I just wasn’t aware of before, which will not only help me in a ‘work’ situation but also give me confidence to try new looks for every day wear, when I go to evening events and when I need to look extra polished for meetings with Producers and Directors.

Thankyou so much for making makeup fun and exciting again !!! “

Julie Kirvan


“I have recently worked with Myriam of MimiD Makeup. She did the make up for me ahead of a big photo shoot for my refreshed website for my business coaching and mentoring work. The photos are fabulous, and partly due to the way in which I looked in full make up. I think I definitely look younger due to the makeup. 🙂 See for reference.

Adèle McLay

Business coach and Author

Makeup for Olivia Falcon by Mimi D Makeup

As a professional bridal makeup artist London with many years of experience and many happy clients, my mobile makeup services are available in London and the South East.

I only use luxury products, which are perfect for sensitive skin and creating that all-important look that will last all day.

From natural to glamorous (with or without airbrush makeup), I can create any look that you want for your big day.


Gorgeous Wedding Makeup Looks

Your bridal makeup in London doesn’t need to follow the typical bridal look. There are various wedding styles and themes for you to draw inspiration from.

Based on the wedding you’re hosting, I can give you the perfect sexy London bridal makeup style to match your wedding theme!



An ideal look for brides who don’t wear make up or very little make up in normal time. This look will consist of a very natural glowing skin and a fresh blush, a natural lipstick, some light eyeshadows softly blended and natural



Ideal for a bride who would like to try something different, wants to look like she is wearing make up but not too much. A medium coverage foundation depending on the skin type, a slightly structured eye make-up with medium colour eyeshadows with possibly some liquid eyeliner and some single false lashes or a strip of lashes.  A more pronounced lip colours such as various shades of  pink, coral, maroon.



A perfect look for a more adventurous bride who likes to wear make up on a daily basis and is happy to up her game. Medium to full coverage foundation upon
request, still creating a glowing, luminous skin, structured lightly Smokey eyes with false lashes, light to darker lipstick shades, more pronounced lipstick and possibly some light contouring.

Romantic and natural bridal makeup in London


A very natural glowing, luminous skin, some light coloured slightly sparkling eyeshadows with pencil/dark eyeshadow  definition around the eyes, natural waterproof mascara with a couple of single lashes.  Light shades of pink, beige, coral  lipsticks and  gloss.

Vintage wedding vibe by bridal makeup artist in London, UK


To go with the “Vintage vibe” of the wedding we can create a made to measure make up look with for example: some golds and pinks eyeshadows with a liquid liner and a flick, some false lashes a mat skin finish and a  pink lipstick. Equally some gold eyeshadows and a red lipstick will create a great vintage look.



From olive skin to tan, honey brown to deep and dark I cater for all woman of colour with my perfect range of foundation. Depending on the look you are after, I will create a natural finish, sophisticated or glamourous using all my luxurious products.



From “Glamorous Asian Bridal look” with stunning eyeshadow colours and sparkles to more “natural  Asian make up”, I cater for every skin tones from fair to medium, olive, tan.  Different eye shapes, I will make Hooded eyes look bigger and create some lovely natural or Smokey eyes looks and get the perfect colour match foundation whether you are a South Eastern Asian Bride, an Eastern Asian bride or a South Asian bride.

Indian or South Asian bridal hair and makeup in London


For the Indian bride or bridal party and South Asian Bride I can create glamourous looks with beautiful colourful eyeshadows, stronger eyebrows and definition on the skin, respecting the skin tone using classic foundations, HD foundations or Airbrush foundations.

Get a trial consultation with the best bridal makeup artist in London


Your consultation is very important. We’ll run through some suggestions on how to choose the perfect look colours for you that will make you look radiant for your big day. Allow 2 hours.



I know that the big can day can be a bit stressful, so I always turn up at your home or wedding venue in good time. My luxurious products will be applied to your face with the utmost care, so you can rest assured that your makeup will always look its best throughout the day.






From £180


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MimiD Makeup can make every woman’s dream come true: to feel special on her wedding day. Using my knowledge and skills, I will give you the perfect bridal makeup look that is awe-inspiring and breath-taking.

To do this, we must plan your makeup days before the actual wedding date. We can schedule a two-hour trial consultation where I will test several makeup styles on you.

You can schedule a time and place, and I will punctually arrive to work on your makeup, as well as your bridesmaids’. By doing this, you and your loved ones can have enough time to prepare for the wedding.

Depending on the size of the group that needs our services, I can bring a team of professional bridal makeup artists London with me. They are expertly trained in the art of makeup and can ensure that your bridesmaids have a consistent look. Moreover, working with my expert team will ensure that your bridal party is ready on time and stress is reduced!

Aside from your makeup, your bridal hairstyle should be considered as well. Upon request, I can assist with the hairstyling and ensure that you get a great look for your big day!

Factors To Consider When Choosing A
Bridal Makeup Artist

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. It is your day, and therefore, it must be as perfect as possible.

However, you shouldn’t only invest your time and money in the wedding event, the caterers, and the music. You should invest in how you’ll look, especially when you’re the centre of attention as you walk down the aisle.

When hiring a bridal makeup stylist, you shouldn’t just choose anyone. You must guarantee that the people you hire are up to the task by making sure they possess specific attributes.

MimiD Makeup is a company that you can truly rely on to give you and your bridesmaids the best look for your wedding. Here are just some of the top things that I do that make me the best choice:

I enhance your natural beauty

A great makeup artist can create a gorgeous bridal look that
enhances your beauty and unique features. You can see first-hand in my portfolio that I don’t stick to the same style, and I do what works best for each client.

I listen to what you want and give you recommendations

I am a professional bridal makeup artist in London, so when you get my services, you can rest assured that all of your style requests will be taken into account. However, I use my experience and training to help you too, so if I think that a particular look is not for you, I will recommend a much better makeup style. Ultimately, though, the decision is yours!

I create a look that suits the wedding theme

Your skin tone, natural facial features, and wedding theme all play an essential role in your bridal makeup look. I am knowledgeable in choosing the right colours and makeup styles so that your makeup will match your wedding theme.

I use high-quality products

Your makeup shouldn’t be just for show. It should also be practical. For instance, weddings tend to be emotional. This is only natural, but no one wants to have their mascara smudged whenever they get teary-eyed. This is why I only use high-quality wedding makeup to prevent such nightmare scenarios.

I am the ideal London bridal makeup artist for your special day! You can entrust your bridal makeup look to me, and I can promise you that my skills and expertise will wow your family and friends!


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I and my team of expert beauticians are well-versed in makeup application, proper use of cosmetic products, and so much more. This is thanks to years of training and working with some of the most prominent personalities worldwide.

My clientele includes the top “Forbes 100 worldwide rich list”, being the personal make-up artist to one of the wealthiest Ukrainian ladies in the world, one of the princesses of the Royal Qatar family, Royal family biographer Sarah Bradford, as well as countless others

I am also the go-to makeup artist for people in the entertainment industry. I have worked with amazing singers like Estelle, Miss Dynamite, and many more. My team has also helped in makeup product launches and press releases for Vogue, Marie Claire, and Charles Jourdan (Harrods).

Despite our significant achievements in the beauty industry, we offer low bridal makeup prices London-wide! Thanks to this, you no longer have to worry about finances and are free to focus your full attention on enjoying your special day.

Aside from bridal makeup services, I also offer makeovers for hen parties, teenage parties, kids’ parties, and other special occasions. I also cover face painting, Halloween special effects, and theatrical makeup!

A luxury you can afford, simply call our number


How much do wedding hair and makeup cost in the UK?

A bridal make up artist in London, UK, usually charges around £110 to £120. However, it depends on your requirements, as well as the products used. If you want to look gorgeous on your wedding day without breaking the bank, try my affordable bridal makeup package!

Who pays for the bridesmaids’ hair and makeup?

It depends. Usually, the bride pays for the makeup styling of her bridesmaids. However, if the bride can’t cover all the costs, her bridesmaids can pay for their own makeup services.

Nevertheless, this should all be planned, so my wedding beautician team knows how many people will need their makeup done. Notifying us in advance will give us enough time to accommodate all of the girls before the wedding starts.

Should I do my own makeup as a bridesmaid?

If you’re a bridesmaid, you may do your makeup for the wedding. However, you should make sure that your makeup doesn’t look too different from the rest of the bridesmaids.

This is because stylists for weddings make sure the bridesmaids have a consistent look.

If you want, you can learn how to put on makeup properly by signing up for my workshops and online lessons.

How much do makeup trials cost?

As part of my beauty service pricing, I offer you trial consultations for £90. Bridal make up London is never to be taken lightly, and we must plan your look thoroughly before your wedding day.

I will choose the perfect colours for your skin during the trial consultation and try out different looks, and this will take two to three hours, so make sure that you free up your schedule before your wedding day.

What is the difference between bridal makeup and regular makeup?

The difference is the longevity of the makeup. Bridal makeup lasts longer, and therefore, will also take longer to apply. My makeup artists never rush your bridal makeup because we know how important this day is for you. Moreover, we only use high-end products for the bride’s makeup for a long-lasting, gorgeous look.

Can a bridesmaid wear red lipstick?

Red lipstick can make you look more beautiful, feminine, and confident. Bridesmaids can undoubtedly wear red lipstick on the wedding day; however, there are many hues and shades to choose from. Ultimately, you need to make sure the bride is happy with the makeup choice. Fortunately, our team can help with choosing the right colours!

When should you do a makeup trial?

You can schedule your makeup trial consultation with me anytime you like, but it is suggested that you do it three months before the actual wedding date. Planning a wedding is time-consuming, even with a professional wedding planner by your side.

The trial consultation will involve testing out various makeup styles. I assure you that the specific makeup look that we’ve agreed on after the trial consultation will be exactly what you’ll get on your wedding day!

Should you get makeup or hair done first?

My wedding beauty specialist team recommends hairstyling first. This is because the hot hairstyling equipment can cause perspiration, and you don’t want that to happen while you have your makeup on. Moreover, it is easy to remove overspray from your skin if you’re not wearing any makeup.



Here are some wedding makeup tips that you should consider for a smoother makeup process:

  • If you’re going to wear fake tan on your wedding day, wear it during our trial consultation, so my wedding stylist team can choose the best makeup look based on your skin tone.
  • Wear white clothes during your trial consultation, as your makeup can look different when wearing other colours.
  • During the trial consultation, it is important to photograph your look from various angles to know exactly how it looks. If an area looks off when viewed at a certain angle, my bridal makeup artists London can adjust it for you.
  • Find a good spot with lots of natural light, as these are the best places to apply makeup in. This is because natural light ensures that we are applying the correct shade and the right amount of makeup on your face.

Your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life, and you deserve nothing less than the perfect look for this occasion!

I am the best bridal makeup artist in London, and you can hire my team and I for affordable rates. If interested, please get in touch!

Airbrush make-up

£10Now available


Hiring a bridal makeup artist for the big day is essential; you don’t want to use low-quality products or have your makeup done by an amateur, as there is plenty of room for mistakes.

If this happens, you might end up redoing the makeup and/or run out of time, leaving you with no choice but to go for a bland bridal look. With that said, hiring me as a beautician for weddings will ensure this does not happen. I use long-lasting products and various makeup tricks to turn you into a work of art. I can also balance your makeup for a natural look, which most people have trouble achieving, as they tend to put either too much or too little makeup on.

Best of all, hiring me to create the perfect bridal makeup look will take the burden off your shoulders! Planning an entire wedding day is truly exhausting; make sure to relax once in a while and leave the makeup to my team and me!

Location And Areas Covered

I’m based in West Wickham BR4 0DH. Trains from Charing Cross, Waterloo, and London Bridge take 35 minutes on average. For a trial at your location, please call to discuss.

I cover all of London, Surrey, and some areas in Kent and Essex. A small travelling charge may apply depending on location.

If you want to schedule a makeover with MimiD Makeup, just fill out the contact form at You can rest assured that you and your bridesmaids will stand out from the rest of the crowd, making you feel extra special and confident on your wedding day!

A luxury you can afford, simply call our number